Our company

The main activity for our company is the integration of multiple disciplines to develop civil works through an effective way, including all the aspects related to this kind of projects like civil, electrical, hydraulic structural and mechanic engineering, as well as topography, economic and financial analysis, geology, hydrology, and consultancies in legal and environmental topics.

As our mission, we try to provide, in an integral way, the services of conceptualization, studies, design, construction and administration to the owners and investors of projects for developing, using leading technology and experienced professionals and guaranteeing the efficiency in harmony with nature.

Our business philosophy is based on a strong collaboration with our clients, offering them a personalized, transparent, and high quality service, adapted to their needs. To follow this philosophy, we try to be the most versatile and efficient we can, using our economic, material and human resources.

Since 1991 Edificadora Beta has been focus in the search, design and construction of energetic projects, because the need of electricity in Costa Rica is growing every day and the high potential of the country in this area is ideal for using renewable resources to produce energy.

That is why in the future Edificadora Beta is planning to keep identifying, developing and constructing energetic projects through engineering solutions that are economic and efficient and also keeping its compromise with the protection of the environment.

Edificadora Beta has a long list of accomplishments in the area related to energetic development projects like the following:

  • During 1992-1993, the Caño Grande I Electric Project was built in Costa Rica. This was the first project of this kind that was constructed under the 7200 Law, which authorize the private generation of electricity in the country.
  • Between 1998 and 1999 the Chocosuela I Hydroelectric Project was erected. This is the first energetic project for self-sufficiency, developed for a Rural Electrification Cooperative in Costa Rica.
  • In 2011 the Los Santos Eolic Project was finished, becoming the first eolic project built for a Costa Rican electricity distributor, as well as the first eolic project located in the Central Valley.