Central Valley Eolic Station

The Central Valley Eolic Project was conceived as an eolic park with a capacity of 15.3 MW, to be installed in 18 wind turbines of 850 KW with towers that are 45 meters high. It is expected an average production of 40.5 GWh/year.

This project has been developed by a company named Eolic Central Valley Project S.A. which was created by the Central American Bank for Economic Integration and the National Power and Lightning Company, based on the Agreement for the Administration of the Central Valley Eolic Project that was signed on March 13th, 2007.

Edificadora Beta S.A. helped to the Eduinter Consortium-TSK for preparing its offer to be presented to the Eolic Central Valley Project S.A. for developing this project. These services included the topographic level ups, pre-designs for soil movements and wind turbines building. We also were in charge of the budget for civil works.