With more than 20 years of experience in the design and construction area, Edificadora Beta is strategically positioned to satisfy the different needs our clients have for developing their projects. We have experience in most of the areas of this business that are essential to get an integral development. Our versatility allows us to participate in a project as specialized technicians, as executors of the engineering tasks or as constructors of the complete project.

As we are a company which can design, manage, build, and operate civil works and energetic projects, (through our partner Hidro Mantenimiento S.A.), we guarantee to our clients a complete and integrated vision of their development requirements. We design practical and economic projects and we create buildings that are easy to operate and maintain.

Our gamma of services includes the following areas:

1. Study and Design

  • Projects’ conceptualization
  • Pre- Feasibility and Feasibility Studies
  • Final Designs
  • Bidding Consultancy (technical evaluation of the offer, billboard elaboration)

2. Construction

  • Execution of construction works and soil movements
  • Technical direction
  • Administration
  • Inspection and supervision

3. Administrative work and legal procedures

  • Environmental impact studies
  • Negotiation for water concession
  • Negotiation  for public service’s concession
  • Consultancy and administration of energy contracts
  • Consultancy for land acquisition
  • Management for importation of machines and equipments
  • Blueprints processing

4. More services

  • Installation and monitoring for auscultation
  • Analisys and measurement of volumes
  • Experts reports and valuation of projects and civil works

Engineering consultancy for insurances processing